Reminding us that politicians have our number

Posted: May 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

By Prince Charles Dickson

I love Nigeria, I sincerely do because I possibly have no choice, I could love America, England, Poland, or even neighboring Ghana, become a Nigerian-Arabian or Israeli born Nigerian it makes no difference because we are Nigerians, we are who we are…very special in our own way.

I love Nigeria, the land where everything, anything, all things are possible, it depends only from where you stand and what you can benefit. From Lagos, our own New York, to Abuja, the expensive London with Beverly Hills homes only for the rich and mighty to Ekiti, our own cowboy Texas…We have own Chicago styled Police, then we have so many Bronx sites where you could get anything from fake passport to late Abacha or Abiola’s signature.

Nigeria…God’s own country in black Africa, how many times have I been told that even God is Nigerian especially when we have goofed and expect a miracle.

It’s the nation where the president-elect and a former general had no certificate before elections but same certificate appeared after he won.

A land with a rebased economy, that places it as biggest in Africa, but yet it borrows to pay its obligation to workers.

It’s old news that it’s the land where they import what they possess in abundance…

So again, we are starting afresh, the promissory notes include free education, same that was promised by some in 1979…They say they will repair the rail system, the one OBJ the all-knowing life czar of Nigeria could not…and the one Jonathan privatized.

Tomorrow, would we be able to hold them liable, are we really expectant or it’s just the excitement of the times, with expectations as high as believing that heaven in Nigeria is not far away. Some of the promises even sounding like the Ability to bring back our fore fathers to life.

They constitute less than 3% of the population but they are the tiny tin gods we have them situated everywhere, they have been exchanging carrots at our collective expense because they know us, we are Nigerians.

Who really is the winner?

Who really is the winner?

They know most of us only want a measure of salt, rice, few yards of cotton materials with their heads on the fabrics. They know us, they know we cannot do without them, some of them feel without their heads, or mischievous smile on papers no one would buy the morning newspapers. They know we feel humbled when they tell us they care.

They know we are gullible, we love life and cannot resist their Isi Ewu and bottle of Gulder politics in the East, neither can we go far from the amala and obe ewedu welled laced with assorted beef in Ibadan, and for us up, the more Tuwo Shinkafa the more we nod positively to their lies. They tell us that it is about us, and when they get there, they forget us. They tell us that their god told them in a vision, but the Almighty silently watches not just their folly but our collective folly.

It is only in Nigeria that while it was not raining, they offered their umbrellas and when the rain comes, they collected it back because they know us. Do we know them, I doubt very much, although sadly when events are weighed vis a vis the past it is obvious that we know them, we just refuse to accept the truth. We know them, we know most of them could not manage their states, we have even seen some of them like migratory birds sing ‘change’ when few weeks they were singing ‘transformation’.

Everyone now is Sai Buhari, they are sudden change agents, we cannot say we do not know that all these drama is just for a piece of the cake of relevance, and rehabilitation.

They know us, so they are caressing us and in our foolishness we praise them to the high heaven. They know that our poverty has driven us to the religious edge with churches and mosque everywhere so they target our beliefs and become spokespersons for gods only them see. We are again at the crossroads of a new beginning, because we have refused to face reality, we pretend to know when we really do not know, when we know we refuse to talk and all these they know and use against us.

We think they are naive while infact they know we are the hungry ones that are happy rather than angry, they know in the midst of our struggles, problems and hardship when asked how we are, we still say ‘fine’…some of them even won elections while owing salaries.

They know how docile we are, and how we cherish the little luxuries of life pinched to us rather than taking our right in whole. They know that our so-called activists will betray us. They simply know way too much, so they manipulate us, make us worship them and make us glorify their stupidity. The Nigerian is peaceful, hospitable and friendly, not easily provoked, infact never provoked except when he is what I call ‘politicoreligionized’.

They know they are up, so they fear the big fall and want to remain relevant, they know we are down and fear no fall. We do not ask why is that none of these men who lost elections want to be Pastors, Imams…or teachers. Why do they not want to go to school and teach courses in Political Science departments on “how not to be impeached”, how to deal with Fayose”, “Why PDP lost”?

How many of these ‘goons’ Would serve us with our money that they have stolen by establishing NGO’s for whatever it is worth, how many of them are going into poultry or fish farming, or are they scared they won’t make much, after all a former President’s farm generates millions a day or month, so why the fear?

They know that we do not know, and even when we know we keep silent, so the maze continues, we keep going the vicious circle and still keep searching for what we did not loose. We do not know that we are part of the entire puzzle, we do not know why. So they owe us no explanation when they move from party to party because they will always have followership…it is poverty of the mind not just the pocket.

We do not know our collective worth, we do not see our strength, they know so they exploit our weaknesses and always they win, like they are almost certain to do again.

For how long, how long, is there change in the horizon, is there anything to hold on to, are we going to be knowledgeable at least this once to change the course of our destiny? They know us, do we know them…The politics of Nigeria, the politics of depravation, a bitter politics run by a bunch so easily confused…the future is bright and ours for the taking but then do we know or we want to leave it to them again—Only time will tell.


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