Mr. Buhari must look for outsiders or else…

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

By Prince Charles Dickson

Bring in the capable “outsiders”
Ribadu lost… Na Adamawa lose
Agbaje lost… Na Lagos lose
As dem lose so… Na Nigeria gain
Because these are men driven by great ideals
I have heard good things about Peter Obi
Oby Ezekwesili needs no introduction
If these people are interested in serving the nation
APC would be wise to bring them in
I am not a politician
So I may be considered naive
But this is a golden opportunity for Nigeria
We just need to take the right steps with the right people
Buhari cannot successfully do this work alone
The challenges facing us are huge and myriad
Four years would fly by just like yesterday
He needs a team of highly motivated men and women
2019 is just around the corner
If you do not satisfy us we will send you packing
We know there are very good hands in your party
But include others
Use our best hands
Bring in the capable “outsiders” Lagbaja

Nigeria’s 8th Senate will commence soon but let us remember that the 7th and those preceding it were full of Senators who slept during sitting, that is when they actually attended, because there were only few occasions when the whole house was full.

Late Chuba Okadigbo’s defense for them…”when you stay awake and hear the subjects of discuss, you’ll cry for the nation”.

The figures are simply magic as regards the number of Representatives who have never contributed to any debate for or against.

In 16 years and still counting, there are few Ministers who can put their heads up and be counted—Nigeria, has men and women but really is a nation in need of men and women that would help build a nation.

Because in my nation the greatest asset for political adventure as it is, is failure, just fail and you are on your way to big time pie in the national cake.

The Nigerian politician is quick to promise heaven and then fail to deliver the earth. A former Nigerian president once promised a popular footballer his 1milion dollars hooked in a distressed bank, months later after failing to keep his words, he told reporters, “Don’t you say things out of excitement”.

It hurts to see a nation so touted to be the heaven of all manner of potentials suffer in the hands of a (s)elect few who refer to themselves as politicians and leaders. The issue is that we are beginning to get to a stage where our problems have become over flogged to the point the problem is now us.

I know of a State government where there is a Chief Press Secretary, a Commissioner of Information, Director of Press, Deputy Director of Press, Personal Assistant on Public Relations, Senior Special Assistant on Media, Assistant on Social Media, and then a Media Consultant. Barely doing any of them doing a measurable task with deliverables–All political jobbers.


I am not an unrepentant pessimist or see no-good critic, Politics is dirty but then there is principle, integrity. In Nigeria we have suitcase cum file carrying politicians. No plan, focus except a strong objective to loot. That is why a man born in Lagos, grew up in Lagos, works in Lagos, is elected into office and the next thing he embarks on a familiarization tour of his very own backyard.

It wont be easy for Mr. Buhari, as Nigeria is a nation where the players in the power game are a three-course meal of deceitful, lying and magical people because the more you look the less you see, they serve you deceit as appetizer, lies as main course and magic as dessert.

And is the Nigerian politician royalty or an evolution from mars–No, he is me and you, a Nigerian, he is a delinquent, in the land of delinquents, both the ruled and the rulers, a very special breed of delinquents, we have them from all social classes, the politicians, students, youths, and parents that aid and abet exam malpractice, we have them everywhere and the common thread is a high level of irresponsibility, recklessness and total disregard for the norms of society.

Ordinary Citizens would do it their own way, they will jump queues on no excuse, they will do a u-turn on an expressway, stop in the middle of the road to say hello to a long lost friend without parking…correct them, and they will abuse your dog.

The Nigerians who want change is the noisy lot, music is not danceable if it is not loud, big is sweet and good, so the Japanese supply us with boom boxes as big as my village masquerade just for a CD player.

We are confused people, who thrive most when under pressure, we work 18 hours and sleep one, have dreams for the remaining hours of heaven and wake up to the reality of our commotion filled existence and what do we earn for the 18 is barely a living wage, that is why someone works in Ibadan and lives in Lagos, another in Port Harcourt and lives in Owerri or Aba.

How can one understand the Nigerian and want to be one, when in power he loves affluence and will do anything to stay put. In religious matters, he will fake it; in business, his cheques will bounce. In the civil service forget the noise of servicom, your files will miss and only reappear at the right price. The Nigerian will court abomination by treating his elders by way of pensioners with the highest of disdain. A Nigerian will ban the importation of lace fabrics, yet his wives, concubines and mistresses will die the day they cannot wear one.

In Nigeria you need to understand how a complainant can suddenly become suspect and in the end witness yet still land in Jail for a crime that was committed against him.

Fact is that there are Nigerians in their millions that want to be Nigerians for the right reasons. Those Nigerians are not easily understood because they will not give bribes, all their actions are in line with tradition, society’s good norms and rationality. They largely are old now and most times reside in rural areas, although a few still stay in urban areas. They are generally good and untribalized, they believe in the principles of live and let live. These Nigerians are neither the bottom power women nor the moneybag men. They strive daily to remain patriotic and committed to the Nigerian dream despite the reality, they are disciplined and are hardworking, they battle the stark reality that as patient dogs they may never have any bone left.

These set of Nigerians suffer the Nigerian experiment because of the larger majority’s inability to curb greed, inability for us to be fair and rational towards other people’s perspectives, opinions, positions and interest…However these are the Nigerians Buhari must look for…-will he find them, only time will tell.


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