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By Prince Charles Dickson

Bring in the capable “outsiders”
Ribadu lost… Na Adamawa lose
Agbaje lost… Na Lagos lose
As dem lose so… Na Nigeria gain
Because these are men driven by great ideals
I have heard good things about Peter Obi
Oby Ezekwesili needs no introduction
If these people are interested in serving the nation
APC would be wise to bring them in
I am not a politician
So I may be considered naive
But this is a golden opportunity for Nigeria
We just need to take the right steps with the right people
Buhari cannot successfully do this work alone
The challenges facing us are huge and myriad
Four years would fly by just like yesterday
He needs a team of highly motivated men and women
2019 is just around the corner
If you do not satisfy us we will send you packing
We know there are very good hands in your party
But include others
Use our best hands
Bring in the capable “outsiders” Lagbaja

Nigeria’s 8th Senate will commence soon but let us remember that the 7th and those preceding it were full of Senators who slept during sitting, that is when they actually attended, because there were only few occasions when the whole house was full.

Late Chuba Okadigbo’s defense for them…”when you stay awake and hear the subjects of discuss, you’ll cry for the nation”.

The figures are simply magic as regards the number of Representatives who have never contributed to any debate for or against.

In 16 years and still counting, there are few Ministers who can put their heads up and be counted—Nigeria, has men and women but really is a nation in need of men and women that would help build a nation.

Because in my nation the greatest asset for political adventure as it is, is failure, just fail and you are on your way to big time pie in the national cake.

The Nigerian politician is quick to promise heaven and then fail to deliver the earth. A former Nigerian president once promised a popular footballer his 1milion dollars hooked in a distressed bank, months later after failing to keep his words, he told reporters, “Don’t you say things out of excitement”.

It hurts to see a nation so touted to be the heaven of all manner of potentials suffer in the hands of a (s)elect few who refer to themselves as politicians and leaders. The issue is that we are beginning to get to a stage where our problems have become over flogged to the point the problem is now us.

I know of a State government where there is a Chief Press Secretary, a Commissioner of Information, Director of Press, Deputy Director of Press, Personal Assistant on Public Relations, Senior Special Assistant on Media, Assistant on Social Media, and then a Media Consultant. Barely doing any of them doing a measurable task with deliverables–All political jobbers.


I am not an unrepentant pessimist or see no-good critic, Politics is dirty but then there is principle, integrity. In Nigeria we have suitcase cum file carrying politicians. No plan, focus except a strong objective to loot. That is why a man born in Lagos, grew up in Lagos, works in Lagos, is elected into office and the next thing he embarks on a familiarization tour of his very own backyard.

It wont be easy for Mr. Buhari, as Nigeria is a nation where the players in the power game are a three-course meal of deceitful, lying and magical people because the more you look the less you see, they serve you deceit as appetizer, lies as main course and magic as dessert.

And is the Nigerian politician royalty or an evolution from mars–No, he is me and you, a Nigerian, he is a delinquent, in the land of delinquents, both the ruled and the rulers, a very special breed of delinquents, we have them from all social classes, the politicians, students, youths, and parents that aid and abet exam malpractice, we have them everywhere and the common thread is a high level of irresponsibility, recklessness and total disregard for the norms of society.

Ordinary Citizens would do it their own way, they will jump queues on no excuse, they will do a u-turn on an expressway, stop in the middle of the road to say hello to a long lost friend without parking…correct them, and they will abuse your dog.

The Nigerians who want change is the noisy lot, music is not danceable if it is not loud, big is sweet and good, so the Japanese supply us with boom boxes as big as my village masquerade just for a CD player.

We are confused people, who thrive most when under pressure, we work 18 hours and sleep one, have dreams for the remaining hours of heaven and wake up to the reality of our commotion filled existence and what do we earn for the 18 is barely a living wage, that is why someone works in Ibadan and lives in Lagos, another in Port Harcourt and lives in Owerri or Aba.

How can one understand the Nigerian and want to be one, when in power he loves affluence and will do anything to stay put. In religious matters, he will fake it; in business, his cheques will bounce. In the civil service forget the noise of servicom, your files will miss and only reappear at the right price. The Nigerian will court abomination by treating his elders by way of pensioners with the highest of disdain. A Nigerian will ban the importation of lace fabrics, yet his wives, concubines and mistresses will die the day they cannot wear one.

In Nigeria you need to understand how a complainant can suddenly become suspect and in the end witness yet still land in Jail for a crime that was committed against him.

Fact is that there are Nigerians in their millions that want to be Nigerians for the right reasons. Those Nigerians are not easily understood because they will not give bribes, all their actions are in line with tradition, society’s good norms and rationality. They largely are old now and most times reside in rural areas, although a few still stay in urban areas. They are generally good and untribalized, they believe in the principles of live and let live. These Nigerians are neither the bottom power women nor the moneybag men. They strive daily to remain patriotic and committed to the Nigerian dream despite the reality, they are disciplined and are hardworking, they battle the stark reality that as patient dogs they may never have any bone left.

These set of Nigerians suffer the Nigerian experiment because of the larger majority’s inability to curb greed, inability for us to be fair and rational towards other people’s perspectives, opinions, positions and interest…However these are the Nigerians Buhari must look for…-will he find them, only time will tell.


By Prince Charles Dickson ‎ ‎

Scientists have finally found out what’s wrong with the politicians’ brain. They discovered that on the right side there’s nothing left and on the left side there’s nothing right. Anonymous

“My cabinet would be completely detached people who are patriotic Nigerians, who are knowledgeable and experienced…” – Nigerian President-elect, Mr. Mohammadu Buhari

Often people ask me why I write on certain topics and issues all the time, like bashing government, and seeing very little good in persons in government and government actions and my takes on education, health and power, conflict, politics of ethnicity and more.

On your shoulders...

On your shoulders…

My answer is that I do because I believe that such subjects are important for Nigeria and Nigerians as they are for other nations, but when it appears to me Nigerians and our leaders particularly do not react to these topics the way they should, I repeat them in new essays to remind old readers and recruit new ones to participate in the continuing dialogue.

One painful part of our democratic journey is the disconnect between people and government. And as seen by the victory of the All Peoples Congress APC at the polls, a lot of expectation is on the in-coming administration.

As Buhari prepares his cabinet, I am not one of those that will really bother about whether he has a kitchen cabinet or even has a kitchen in the first place. The fact is that one; the kitchen belongs to Aisha whether as wife of the president or first lady…so I would concern myself to his ministers and yes men, and probably women.

Let me add quickly that politicians are not really so bad, it’s just that 99% of all politicians make the rest look bad. And I am sure for the next four years that will be the case for Mr. Buhari if he is not careful with the politicians around him.

Because from the onset, the song may be now we have power what are we gonna do with it, and early permutations show that if Buhari does not stand his ground, we may start with a “combination of contradictions”.

Today Buhari has the people’s mandate, forget all the PDP ranting and noise, and thank God for a new era of “concedelism” (the art of calling your opponent to concede).

The National Assembly is APC dominated and so the Ministerial list should ordinarily sail, but again if the PDP example is anything to go by, this party made up largely of ex-PDPites may hardly move as passionately as Nigerians expect and we as usual will be the victims of expectation fatigue once more.

For Mr. Buhari, in the first line of offensive, will be between making sure it’s not business as usual and settling politicians with aggrieved pockets on one hand.

Mr. Buhari will have to resist the temptation to be Minister for Petroleum, or give Osinbajo his vee pee the power to be this or that, he should be wary of the politics of senior special assistant or some commission or body doing something and nothing about one industry or sector.

Whoever Buhari picks, Tinubu suggests and demands, or the party hierarchy nominates, for whatever position, the Buhari/Osinbajo contraption is faced with a conglomerate of jobless politicians, jobbers and ex-this and that, who require settlement of one form or the other. Can Buhari damn them?

There will be need to create to balance with intellect, hard work and patriotism in the zoning thing that has led us nowhere. How Mr. Buhari is able to come out with any fascinating cabinet that will thrill Nigerians is a big question.

For example, the questions to be answered will be what will the Ministry of water resources do, as many Nigerians would want to see water run from a tap courtesy of their effort.

Beyond the politics of ebola, malaria and HIV/AIDS, doctors and health workers strike, what will the new health Minister do? Will we see another Ransome Kuti?

Apart from the Civil Defence, Immigration and SSS, really the internal or is it interior ministry’s visible task is to announce public holidays. Without bias, will the present group around Buhari facilitate a collection of the best brains without recourse to godfather, mother and uncle, without recourse to politics of convenience?

I would not even discuss power, because Nigerians are fed up of all the process, from NEPA to PHCN and now DISCO, two stand-out facts are that one, the president’s workplace and home Aso Rock has budgeted millions for diesel to power generators and also we are one of the highest importers of generating set. How soon will that change?

With the new universities, all the somersaulting in policies, whether it should be 6-3-3-4, or 9-3-4, unity schools or violent colleges…maybe we could do with three ministers and a special minister for universities. Buhari’s Education chief has his job cut out…

Buhari is going to be faced with giving or sharing the bounty on very mundane reasons. Ministers who failed as governors, legislators who contributed nothing and persons who lost elections and others whose father and mother was former this and former that.

Buhari must stop sharing the cake; he needs to shock Nigerians by his appointments. This is my admonishment, Mr. Buhari…does not have an enviable job but with passion he can make it a worthwhile one and start to leave a legacy. Get off all the talk, cause it is cheap and could come back to hunt and haunt him

After the moon-slide it should not be so much of a task. Nigerians want Ministers, advisers, and aides, legislators that are born again. For a nation that has a very low expectation ratio, for sure we are ‘not’ asking for the impossible from Buhari considering the rot he has to contend with.

Let me end with these lines of advice to ordinary Nigerians and Mr. Buhari, Politicians are not really trying to solve our problems. They are trying to solve their own problems-of which getting elected and re-elected are number one and number two. Whatever is number three is far behind and—only time will tell.

By S. Akoji

Abia state like every other state in Nigeria has 3 Senatorial Zones. Going by the State’s Charter of Equity (a document on which the state was founded and created) the emergence of governor from the 3 senatorial zones is by rotation.

The first elected Governor in the truncated third Republic, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu is from Abia North, Ohaozara specifically Uburu, (now in Ebonyi State).

Otti original PDP card

Otti transfer PDP cont

Otti transfer PDP

The second elected Governor in the fourth Republic, Chief Orji Kalu also came from Abia North. He ruled for two terms, 1999 – 2003 and 2003 – 2007 respectively.

The 3rd Governor the incumbent, Chief T.A Orji from Abia central, who is winding down his second term in office.

As you can see, Abia North and Abia Central zones has produced governors. Now is the turn of Abia South to produce the next governor. In line with the agreement of Abia charter, the ruling party (PDP) is supposed to over the party’s flag to someone from the Abia South Senatorial zone in compliance with the charter of Equity and the doctrine of rotation of power.

This was why Senator Abaribe, Emeka Wogu and co stood strong in race and Senator Nkechi Wogu who is from Abia Central was compelled to drop her gubernatorial ambition.

Also at the base of all the scheming for power shift, the Ngwa people who happen to be the biggest clan in the entire Igbo land and who mostly populate Abia South Senatorial zone were also aiming to take their shot at the Government House Umuahia.

That lame duck Governor Theodore Orji used to be the godfather of all PDP candidates vying for the sole ticket was not in doubt. Ochendo as the Abia state governor is fondly called settled for Dr Ikpeazu Okezie from Abia South as his successor. This decision did not go down well with Alex Otti, who dumped the PDP and picked up the APGA ticket to contest the election as governorship candidate.

This is not in line with the Abia charter on rotation of power. The APGA candidate Alex Otti, a native of Arochukwu Local Government in Abia North was born and bred in Isiala Ngwa in the Abia Central. He did his primary and secondary education in Isiala Ngwa and ordinarily obtained Ngwa Indigeneship, which he relinquished in his days of success in the Banking Industry.

He returned to his Arochukwu base where he built his palatial mansion with “NO PLACE LIKE HOME,” boldly inscribed on the wall.

Alex Otti severed all his relationship with the Ngwa community where he grew up and transferred his voter registration from Ngwa to a polling unit in Arochukwu.

While still in the PDP Alex Otti lobbied Governor T.A. Orji endlessly for the PDP Governoship ticket and lavished over half a billion on Ikuku, the Governor’s son.

The romance hit a turbulent storm when Governor Ochendo told Alex Otti in clear terms that this time is the turn of Ngwa people to present a Governor.

On hearing this, Alex Otti quickly made a U-turn and return to his Isiala Ngwa base and built another palatial mansion. He invited the incumbent Governor to commissioned the house last year. Upon building this mansion Alex Otti suddenly became an Ngwa man again and he promptly deleted the “NO PLACE LIKE HOME,” inscription on his Arochukwu house.

He kept on romancing the incumbent Governor to gift him the party’s ticket until a few days to the PDP primaries when the Governor and his son showed open support for Dr. Ikpeazu a full bred Ngwa technocrats from Obingwa in Abia South senatorial Zone.

Upon the endorsement of Dr Ikpeazu Okezie, other aspirants like Senator Abaribe, Emeka Wogu the minister for labour and co, accepted this choice considering the quality of the candidate Dr. Ikpeazu, a academic who bagged his Ph.D at 29. His acceptance by other aspirants was to ensure a hitchfree compliance with the Abia charter of equity and rotation principle.

Dr. Otti instead ran to Chief Victor Umeh in Awka and obtained an APGA gubber ticket to counter this solemn power rotation arrangement. He obtained his ticket from Victor Umeh even after Umehs tenure had expired(which issues is presently being litigated upon) and Alex Otti was unable to successfully integrate himself with the Abia state chapter of APGA, leading to his rejection as the Governorship candidate by the local Abia state chapter of APGA.

To make matter worst for Otti, the people of Abia South accused him of changing his place of origin just to gain undue advantage. Because of this deceit, he picked a deputy from Ohafia (he is from former Arochukwu/Ohafia LGA) thereby hoisting Abia North/Abia North ticket on the people. This is the bone of contention. The gubernatorial election in Abia state has taken a tribal/ethnic coloration.

This has polarised the state leading to a protest vote against Otti, in favour of Okezie who ordinarily would have been rejected for being sponsored by the incumbent governor T.A Orji.

With Otti’s guber aspirations being heavily funded by the likes of former Governor Orji Uzor Kalu, it appears to be aimed at a colonisation of the entire Abia state by the people of Abia North. Alex Otti’s Deputy is from Ohafia LGA a neighbouring community to Arochukwu Otti’s authentic home. So by this arrangement both the APGA Governorship candidate and Deputy are from Abia North.

The Ngwa community are thinking that nothing is more criminal and evil than Otti’s inconsistency as it relates to his place of origin.

For the first time, Abia voters are voting along tribal lines. All the 7 Ngwa local Government Areas voted for Dr. Ikpeazu overwhelmingly while the 9 non Ngwa areas are voted Dr Alex Otti.

Luckily for Dr Ikpeazu, the Ngwa Area has greater voting strength with Obingwa having the highest number of registered voters, approximately 140,000 voters.

Presently Dr. Ikpeazu is leading with a margin of approximately 80,000 votes and a rerun is very unlikely to produce a result that will favour Dr. Otti as most of the cancelled units are still within the Ngwa communities.

The incumbent Governor’s unpopularity has been made manifest with the trend of events. Ochendo has lost elections to Dr. Otti consistently in his Umuahia domain. He lost his polling unit and his Ward during the Senatorial election in which he was a candidate and the Abia State House of Assembly election for Umuahia constituency, in which his son Ikuku was the PDP candidate. They were both declared winner after the result was manipulated and the stolen mandate awarded to them.

The victory of Ochendo at the Abia central Senatorial election if properly scrutinised maybe upturned by the election tribunal.

Meanwhile, the Abia State guber politics in 2015 has gone beyond party politics. It is a complete combat between the Ngwa people and the non Ngwa people of Abia state. Dr. Ikpeazu is seen as already victorious as there was really no cogent reason for INEC to schedule a rerun in the few polling units that have not witnessed 40,000 accredited voters even with 130,000 voters that collected their PVCs. This has brought the REC and RO into the spotlight as it is being rumoured that it was the RO that conferred Alex Otti with an honorary causa Doctorate degree. This seems to suggest that the Returning Officer is a biased umpire.

In the final analysis, if Dr Alex Otti of APGA wins, it will be tied to his manipulation of the electoral umpire. On the other hand, if Dr Ikpeazu Okezie of the PDP wins it, this will not be about the popularity of the PDP or the support of the incumbent Governor. A PDP victory shall be tied to the Ngwa community voting in protest against Abia North domination of the Political space after fielding a Governor candidate and his Deputy from the same zone.

It is political xenophobia in Abia state!

By Prince Charles Dickson

All idiots are morons, but not all morons are idiots.

In the last one year, I have done a sizable amount of work on not just Boko Haram but also the Chibok girls, killings, abductions and the conflict in Nigeria’s torn Northwest region.

For purpose of this admonition let me quickly share what I would like to call some quick facts of the matter as it is. I do not expect it to go down well with many, but truth be told, what’s the essence of an opinion if it is made so that it goes down with everyone?

Some of those quick facts, include but not limited to the following–That girls were indeed abducted from the Government Secondary School in Chibok, and that the figures are conflicting, it is even safe to conclude that no one knows the exact number of girls abducted not even the government, even Boko Haram has lost count of their damage.

Our girls will smile again--HOPE

Our girls will smile again–HOPE

Before Chibok, Boko Haram had established a tradition of abducting girls and women, for countless reasons, the authorities were quiet, the media reported a few it could, and let me tell us many parents equally kept quiet and took it all in their stride.

This writer had interviewed several girls and women who were victims; they escaped one way or the other.

I equally know that for a fact many believe that Buhari and the ‘North’ however defined is Boko Haram, and that with Buhari now president-in-waiting, the girls would be found.

Others are also firm that the whole Boko Haram thing was PDP, a political arrangement, after all it was late Abacha that propounded that theory of if killings go on for so, so and so time, the government knows about it, or are behind it.

Did the late Gen. Azazi not even help by stating it was PDP and he was “killed”?

Okay another fact I know is that some are equally certain it is an Islamic quest, or conquest and jihad. Same as those that believe it is Jonathan and his Christians bent on killing all Muslims in the North.

Cruel fact is that, several hundreds of girls that are victims of this terrible group have paid the ultimate price, a few have escaped with almost irreparable damage, others have become part of them, and we have not done much.

It is equally a fact that one of the many reasons that Boko haram may continue for a while is because many still do not know what the group is all about, does it have an ideology, what really is it about…a CIA conspiracy or a thing about poverty?

I also know that based on what is out there, many experts on the subject matter are foreigners and one wonders.

The questions are many, but as I continue to run commentary on the #bringbackourgirls advocacy, reminding us of the Chibok girls, I cannot but feel for the real parents, how many are now making money out of them. How a part and not all, of the campaign has become like many a CSO thing–a source of income, with the Nigerian factor at work.

I also pray knowing for a fact that there are those space and security won’t allow me mention their names because they have remain dedicated to the cause–Like Bukky, Oby, Rotimi, Dayo Aiyetan of ICIR, true men and women of our security forces.

I do not always believe former Olusegun Obasanjo, but I agree with him when he asserts, “many, most, half of these girls will never come back…” That is a fact!

You and I know that after drama such as the out-going Chief of defence’ statement that the girls location was now know but as usual bla, bla, bla and bla. And the drama of what I call the international week of boko haram—the week were United States, UK, France, China, Togo, were all willing to help, and how the drones were droning. Nothing happened!

As one year hits I recall the dramatic negotiation and Chadian ballet between Modu Sherif, Idris Derby and Jonathan, for a fact it simply occurred to me that we are not really a serious people on matters that we should be serious.

Fact is, one simple answer, many of our stories of nationhood looks like that of morons and idiots…

Its now one year the Chibok parents are grieving and mourning, but really it is more of bewilderment and pain as they do not know exactly the situation of their wards.

In one year we have lost men and officers, more villagers have been killed and loads of propaganda, half-truths, misinformation and sheer falsehoods, fight between now opposition PDP, and soon to govern APC, even the airforce has accused the army of taking their shine. The army has had a mutinous situation, local media vs. foreign media, and Christians/Muslims. But fact is that we do not have the chibok girls.

In the one year until recently sadly the daredevil Boko Haram group seems to have had the edge, making all sorts of demands, releasing videos, and creating more confusion.

Meetings have been held in Paris; committees have been set up, infact a government report according to Mike Omeri, the National Orientation and Information Center dude, Obama has spoken, Michelle has added her voice, so many stars, celebrities and a few nobodies like me but as we mark one year anniversary, the fact is that some girls just disappeared.

They were abducted because our institutions are not working the way it should, the girls will/may not be found because we are not sincere people, we are largely and easily divided by our selfish motives. We all engage in blame games, but let us remember that the longer we are on this Chibok saga we only portray ourselves as morons and idiots, will we be talking Chibok by December 2015, while this poses a test for Buhari and his team—only time will tell.

By Prince Charles Dickson

The person with the crossbow thinks that the monkey is not clever; the monkey is clever, but it is following its own strategy. (It matters nothing if one is derided, as long as one knows what one is doing and why.)

Over the years certain key issues have confronted the Nigerian state, its government, the governed and the structures itself, from a seeming lack of system to a lack of will and direction from those saddled with the responsibility to steer the ship of governance.

Such is the fundamental nature of the problems that they have become part of us. However on many occasions we have been provided with the opportunity to get it right but many a times we let go of such moments.

On your shoulders...

On your shoulders…

The just concluded Presidential polls, presents such moment again, while I have refused to discuss the elections, not as an act of cowardice, but truly, who am I, to discuss, an election many think was a function of change, and many others see as having further divided the nation, or one that has realigned the nation.

Who am I, especially when I am not on a praise-singing mission like many are want to do–Buhari, the perfectionist, or Jonathan, the next Nobel Peace prizewinner?

However with each passing day, I know that I am compelled to make my opinion known, and it’s not just my opinion but it’s that of many Nigerians. And I make these comments so that someday in the future when I am asked what did I say or do, these words would hold me liable. I will not sit on the fence and watch, I will talk, I will write and let my words stand for posterity.

Very quickly, let me say, with these elections we may have made comparative tangible responsive and responsible movement in the democratic field, even though at great expense.

To Buhari and the change agents—The questions are not far fetched: like will Buhari, be far from being a ‘yes man’ and be far from the business as usual set of leaders that have plagued this nation.

The Buhari praise singers have simply caught the messiah bug. I am surprised some persons have not called him a ‘god’. The expectations are high, and for a nation that has for decades lived below its potentials we have a right to expect much but sadly we are again (saddled with our permission) a government that ‘pray’ seriously will not be largely a deceptive one.

Buhari has to, not just by his will but by his powers thread a new path–or else we may still tow the known path. It is the only road we know for now…road contracts that will be abandoned, commissioning of hospitals without facilities. Schools that would be neglected, strikes within various sectors of the economy amongst many shortfalls and long falls will characterize the administration with a couple of its own fair share of ‘elephant and hippo’ projects.

There may be little Buhari can do about the National Assembly and their outrageous million naira salaries for doing nothing, but hopefully he can do more than negotiate more than 18,000 for another set that does at least a ‘small thing’.

Does anyone think that Buhari’s led APC is the answer, than we really need a re-think? We do not need a soothsayer to tell us that the best that we have now is a conglomeration of deceit…re-congregated elite but it is still some “CHANGE”.

A cursory look at the first few statements, interviews and campaign promises of the Buhari-led APC, may raise both hope and fear.

Already there is a call for time and patience, how much of it, we have only time will tell, and while I have argued that a change in government, if free, fair and credible does not mean that government should restart its engine. On the contrary, it calls for a re-fuelling and moving ahead. Our experience is that government has to start all over again and the same old music is remixed and few months after we notice same old thread in action.

And fearfully, the same issues that the last administration sought to solve or made comic of, is the same ones we will face again.

However Buhari may be blessed as Nigerians are so divided on the real issues by religion, ethnicity, nepotism, chopism and other selfish modules.

Buhari and his team must not just have the plan, the will; it simple must pay more than lip service to change…not just like a labourer changes his shirt day by day without choice to the same work wear he is used in 50 long years.

Buhari and his APC cohorts will not urgently and comprehensively address the job issue, nor improve on the business of government.

There are no plans that will translate to the provision of housing, water, and education for all Nigerian children to the Senior Secondary School grade at least.

With more billions spent, electricity will still not be available, reliable and affordable.

I beg to re-echo again that except there is a honest search for understanding, education, organization, action that raises the cost of state and casual violence for its perpetrators or that lays the basis for institutional change. There would be no answers; rather we would continually be plagued by the same questions and problems I highlighted in paragraphs above.

Buhari’s team must effectively manage or halt social disruptions that threaten the mutual co-existence of a people or it will watch almost helplessly as human inequality increases, social justice decays and poverty increases.

Buhari is not going to solve our problems, like Jonathan before him, he will not disappoint failure. However if the in-coming administration can join the speed train age and stop the government of celebrating borehole water in communities that deserve more…then I will eat my words.

I started by stating that the person with the crossbow thinks that the monkey is not clever; the monkey is clever, but it is following its own strategy. (It matters nothing if one is derided, as long as one knows what one is doing and why.) Mr. President-elect and his team, beyond strategy, there must be whys and hows.

Finally Mr. President-in-waiting, you are not under obligation to read, or listen to me. Besides you are not the root cause of why after 16 years of democracy, we are still a nation of potentials and little in achievement. You cannot do anything about it…but certainly you can do something…You cannot surprise many of us that do not believe in you. But you can shut us up by performing. It’s your choice sir, and–only time will tell.