My “Poun kan” advice Nigerians

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

By Prince Charles Dickson

Emi ni poun kan

Je n ra bata poun kan fun e

Sho le wo aso poun kan

Mo ni ife re gidi gan

Omo iya ile okan, mo ni ife re gidi gan

Ayanfe, a ni mo ni ifere gidi gan

Fun mi ni poun kan

Ki n lo je iyan poun kan

Ki n je sere poun kan

Ikun mi fuye gidi gan

Omo iya ile okan, mo ni ife re gidi gan

Sho le se be poun kan

Ayanfe mi gangan ah

Sho le se be poun kan

Ayanfe mi gangan

Sho le se be poun kan

Ayanfe mi gangan

Lyrics of Brymo’s – One Pound

Will the 2015 February 14th General elections be peaceful, will General Buhari defeat incumbent Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, and are we currently discussing the issues or just mudslinging and clowning. Is it about Buhari’s academic records or the very little shown by Jonathan’s own records…

The questions are so many; answers have come tainted in religion, faith, and ethnic cleavages are more. However in the next few lines, my admonition is just a one-Pound worth of advice to our leaders.

I waited patiently through the entire yuletide season to see if Jonathan would visit Chibok, whether it was a scam or not…He did not! I waited patiently to see if Jonathan would visit the military, pay a surprise visit to one or two of the barracks in charge of combating the terrorists, encourage them, talk with the soldiers, ask about their problems, what government is doing and will do, but…He did not!

I was believing that the President will visit Internally Displaced Persons, in Gombe, Yola, Maidugiri, Jos, even in Kaduna and Kano—Through an interpreter, speak directly to these persons who have lost all they call theirs–Ask them how it felt, hear their stories first hand–Sadly Mr. President did not!


The All Peoples Congress APC concentrated on its primary aim, resting power from the Peoples Democratic Party–Did they they any better, sadly no! Rather but parties engaged each abuse for abuse, mud for mud, and it is only shocking that all these politicians away from the pages of newspaper and the general media are friends–Friends to themselves and not the poor.

They attended the wedding of their sons, and daughters, funerals and graduation but no one bothered about Chibok, none of them really bothered about #bringbackourgirls, whatever the motive of Oby Ekwesili and co were.

Tell me which governor visited the poorest of the poor in his state, tell me which governor shared his BIG and FAT salary with an indignant citizen, I hear many say, how about Rochas, how about XYZ, …with a wry smile, I am talking about those who shared their offices and love without the camera.

To the our leaders post February elections, when will Nigerians feel that governance is theirs, when will an ordinary Nigerian have the privilege of my governor was at my school, he sat in our classroom and taught us Math–Well sadly these are leaders who know no Math–and off course do not know English, or even their native tongue.

My one pound advice is for leadership that has empathy, is it not funny that even the Borno governor cannot safely visit Chibok, or that the Adamawa governor cannot go to Mubi, or that Dankwabo of Gombe is yet to step into Ashaka.

My one pound advice is that until we get it right we will keep fighting and hating each other over Buhari and GEJ simply because our leaders have failed…and in this case, leaders at the lowest level.

I care not what becomes in the Abuja FCT if my local councilman works; the local government chair lady does her bit. I do not care what happens to the University of Jos, if the local Plateau State University is run devoid of nepotism, favoritism and on the basis of merit.

I know Americans that have never been to Washington DC, it is the land of bureaucracy, and really who cares about that bureaucracy when things happen at his small county. In our Nigeria we will continue to kill ourselves, go to shrines as long as public officials earn Zombie like salaries in Abuja…

Till we stop our feeding bottle democracy and revert to fiscal democracy, till Kano knows it does not need the oil money to be shared, till Bauchi and Zamfara get their acts and leave Tobacco VAT for the smokers’, we are just wasting our time.

My one pound advice is that for 36 states we need 36 revolutionary leaders, and not one President–I will apologies when the time comes, but quote me neither Buhari, nor Jonathan have the wand, until good governance is not only defined and practiced, we will be dancing like the village masquerade.

In the run up to the elections…we have discussed everything but no one has talked about good governance.

We have refused to cultivate a regime of leadership that has shown a knack to develop a mental magnitude, as clear as our problems are, there seems a lack of ability in appreciating and grasping the salient details as well as most of the temporal and practical implications, of a given situation or problem, and in our own case the problem is a lack of good governance, so much so that even good man are incapable of good leadership and governance.

My one pound is we will even after the elections keep debating on the morals or otherwise that good governance cannot be attained or not definable and the problems will remain because good is platitudinous rather than obligatory on our leaders.

Our problem of political in-direction, thus an economic morass in the polity, our lack of anything good will continue because of our inability to have an ideological notion of destiny, a lack of coherent body of thoughts; no heroes, nobody to look up to, good governance exists only in a vacuum.

Better a pound in the pocket than an empty pocket, a man in two minds does not kill a lion–Nigerians need to decide–are they ready–Only time will tell


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