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By The Oracle

If you really want a job of a man already in office, you will work so had, you will make lots of noise, you will repackage your resume and you will improve on all the four Ps of marketing to six to be relevant Ps, almost 12 months to the general elections APC is yet to pick its Presidential candidate in a nation with 225 tribes, with six geographical locations controlled by religions and tribal sentiments, who is fooling who?

APC may end up as nothing but a party with fire Brigade services approach, they may rush to pick a 71 years old former Dictator General Mohamadu  Buhari or the Suspended Central Bank of Nigeria CBN Governor Lamido Sanusi as the flag bearer for 2015  against a  comfortable President Jonathan with his last per-molar laugh and funny resource control hat. 

The above was the policy adopted by the former President Bill Clinton of United States of America who said, the best thing you can do for yourself as the best politician in any hostile political setting is to allow your opponents to underestimate you, by the time the opponents will be planning and making noise about your past mistakes, you will be winning the second term. It was the same Clinton policy adopted by President Obama, the GOP were busy looking for his birth Certificate all over the world, and Obama won the second term, GOP will still be talking of the Obama-care and the Democrats will win again. It is called the Fabian strategy, which Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe used in the fifties, and sixties in Nigeria against Chief Awolowo. 
President Jonathan is following the steps of these great guys, by the time the APC will be picking the Presidential candidate to run against President Jonathan, he may be getting comfortable for second term, APC without EPS which the Oracle recommended is not looking good, without any known primaries, no debates and not even town Hall meetings, everything is looking good for the man with the resource control hat and the structures of APC is nothing but funny ranting of ants at the local level, nationally,  the party is weak, sadly,  it is nothing but a butch of self seeking expired politicians. EPS would have made the party the best in Nigeria but for greed and lack of respect for the common people all of them like vultures are waiting to devour the nation with another set of vultures to destroy the vulnerable.
The Oracle said, APC started well but the party is dying gradually from the Labor room, the involvement of dirty politicians is killing the party, they hijacked the party which could have been the hope of the common people and right now it is tough for them to have a credible presidential candidate that can win in all the six regions of the country, the Oracle said it years ago, APC is a party for 2019 not 2015, that is if they can be strong enough to adopt EPS but they are deaf, and selfish and they may be watching the Aso rock like a parade from a distance in 2015.

Maybe they will win couple of States and Control the Senate, which a Tinubu may head, but the Presidency is not looking good for APC despite the shortcomings of President Jonathan.
Finally, the Oracle says politics is not a game of cards in the selection of a flag bearer, everything must be on the table, for the electorates to take the rightful decision if not when APC complains of being cheated in the election, they will not have the support of the people, they must place everything on the table with EPS, No matter our opinions about President Jonathan we know what he can do and what he can’t do, we just don’t want to leave stupidity for nonsense.


APC must place all their cards on the table on time, not few months to the election, we want to know the process of selecting a presidential candidate that will be fair to all the 225 tribes of Nigeria, the policy of the candidate, on those important issues to all the tribes of Nigeria, not a regional interest alone. 



By Prince Charles Dickson

“No truth can cure the sorrow we feel from losing a loved one. No truth, no sincerity, no strength, no kindness can cure that sorrow. All we can do is see it through to the end and learn something from it, but what we learn will be no help in facing the next sorrow that comes to us without warning.” ― Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

Feb 26, 2014 :is this a new normal?

I have followed the Yobe tragedy, the Yobe state massacre, the Yobe killings and all the headlines, the reactions, from outrage, to rage. I have also listened to Mr. President and his explanations and assurances.

I have gleaned to catch knowledge from commentaries, all I see is largely a repeat episode. Nigerians have asked what would have happened if the kids massacred where those of the Atikus, Tinubus, Buharis, or Jonathan.

We have been told that the army left few hours before the Boko Haram guys struck, the army says, it was given false intel. Defending itself, saying X,Y and Z occurred.

Nigerians say they would March in March, that they will protest in protember…others are praying, but few really understand.

As all these killings are taking place, life simply has gone on, nothing has halted. Centenary awards, 2015 politicking and strategizing is still on, APC screaming blue murder accusing the President; but the truth sadly is very few of us know sorrow.

Sorrow: a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune suffered by oneself or others.

Nigerians are not sad enough, we have not shown that we are unhappy, the nation is not dejected, beyond all the prayers of God will confuse them (boko haram), God will punish our leaders et all.  

Nobody really is in deep regret; we only have a handful of depressed people.  

The parents of those kids that were massacred are in misery, no one can possibly cheer them up, their downheartedness can only be understood by parents of Government Secondary School, Damaturu, who in June 2013 suffered a similar fate as eight students and one teacher were killed at a time the students were taking dinner

There is despondency, and despair, permit me to add desolation, gloom, and heaviness of heart for those directly concerned 

All that add your name if you attended a Federal Government College does not attend to the low spirits, mournfulness, woe, broken-heartedness, heartache, and grief of parents that lost their kids.  

We have lost our sense of feel, our ability display deep distress.

We are not truly sad, we cannot feel sad, be miserable, or be despondent, we cannot despair, or see the suffering, and ache because last night we tucked our kids in bed, kiss them good night and sweet dreams, and with a big smile we answered to their “good morning daddy, good morning mummy”.

All the drama, we cannot agonize, or anguish, be wretched, be dejected, be heavy of heart, weep, shed tears, or

mourn. Really because we took our kids to do the movie at some galleria, mall.

How can we lament, or wail when our children are running about the neighborhood without fear.

In Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert said “Do not apologize for crying. Without this emotion, we are only robots.”

It is not about leadership, it is about you and me, we cannot see because we cannot weep is a phrase in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables.  

The Yobe state attacks have become serial, at the last count 4 of such, and more 120 students killed in approximately 10months

There was also the Government Secondary School,  Mamudo, Potiskum local government area, about 90km from Damaturu where 29 students were slaughtered in a mid night attack.

The College of Agriculture in Gujba local government area was also a target with over two dozen students killed, also in the midnight.

All these are schools only in Yobe, I have spared us the agony of the Adamawa hostel attacks and how about Borno that has become a death field.

As you read this, even as Journalists we have failed, maybe not on intent, but out of fear, we have skipped details, details like these kids; don’t they have names, why is it that the news of such dastardly act get stale so quick?

Where 20 girls abducted, their names, who confirmed the abductions, what has government done or is doing. Don’t let me share the Boston experience, where a city was locked down to get suspects.

How do we tell ourselves that meat that touched the mouth disappeared and we don’t know how.

I am not a military tactician, I love education whether western or eastern, I am not a terrorist, Islamist, puritan or otherwise. Whether the Cameroonian border is closed or Niger Republic gate is fixed with barb wire is not an issue.

The essence of Boko haram whether it started as a revolution, or sponsorship is from timbunkti or arms are coming from tripoli or fivpoli. There is iniquity in the land, and if we all keep mute, the movie called Yobe is coming to a cinema near us, how brutal, while we scream Allah forbid–only time will tell.