Chief Emeka Anyaoku To Lead NLS 2013

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The former Secretary General of the Common Wealth of Nations Chief Emeka Anyaoku is the Chairman of the Nigeria Leadership Summit 2013 which has been announced to be held on the 11th and 12th of December 2013, at the prestigious Intercontinental Hotel in Victoria Island Lagos.


Chief Anyaoku who is one of Nigeria’s most respected Statesmen is expected to lead discussions and deliberations on the future of youth development and empowerment in Nigeria. This year’s Summit is focused on Job creation and its theme is “LETS GET TO WORK”. The choice of


Chief Anyaoku is therefore most appropriate as he is one Nigerian whose reputation for National Development and youth Empowerment is without question. Chief Anyaoku’s recognition is truly global having received the highest national civilian honours of several Nations including but not limited to Cameroon, Lesotho, Madagascar, Namibia, Republic of South Africa and Trinidad & Tobago’s Trinity Cross (TC) as well as one of the highest honours in Britain the Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (GCVO) from Her Majesty The Queen of the United Kingdom in 2000.


He has also received hundreds of awards, degrees and recognition for outstanding service to humanity from over 55 universities, institutions and organizations all over the World.



He is currently, Chairman, Presidential Advisory Council on International Relations in Nigeria. The Nigeria Leadership Summit 2012 was termed by the media as one of the most successful conferences ever held in the history of Nigeria. The event recorded over 3000 delegates, over 35 high quality speakers, and it was the very first Summit, Conference or seminar in Nigeria to be streamed live to an audience of over 35,000 people in different parts of the World.


“I am very excited about the Nigeria Leadership Summit 2013 because the Conveners have a unique focus and that is Youth Empowerment and Inclusion, and I am totally committed to getting our Youths into the work place using innovative strategies like the ones promoted by the Anabel

Leadership Academy” said Chief Emeka Anayaoku when asked about his role in the Summit.



Chief Emeka Anyaoku’s participation at the helm of affairs for the Nigeria Leadership Summit shows tremendous promise for the future of the Nigeria Leadership Summit and its entry into a class of its own as one of the few World Class events being held in Nigeria.



In addition to Chief Anyaoku there will be keynote addresses from His Excellency Chief Ernest Shonekan the former Head of State, Mrs Oby Ezekwesili former World Bank Vice President and a host of others. According to Nicholas Okoye President of the ANABEL GROUP and convener of the Nigeria Leadership Summit, this year’s Summit will also include three special focus panels.


The first one is on Women in Business, and the strategic role of women in Job creation for Nigeria, some of the Nation’s most successful women in Business have signed up to participate in this panel. A second panel will focus exclusively on Entrepreneurship in Nigeria and using the path to entrepreneurship as a solution for Jobs creation, this panel will review the challenges as well as the opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Nigeria, and how we as a Nation can use Entrepreneurship to tackle the unemployment crisis that is ravaging Nigeria.


The third special focus panel will be on Power; an industry in Transition, providing for the Nigerian People a deep insight into the recently privatized Power Generation, and Distribution Companies and a sneak preview of the regulatory environment, the opportunities for Entrepreneurs and the strategic role the industry will play in national development in the months and years ahead.  “ …we are focused on youth empowerment because we strongly believe that Nigeria’s future lays almost exclusively with our ability to empower our youths” said Nicholas Okoye Anabel Group President.


This year’s Leadership Summit is receiving support from the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission, NEST Oil Group, Heritage Bank and a host of others. Nigerians have been advised to monitor the web site for further announcements of speakers and participants at



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