State Of The Nation

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

By Hillary Okoronkwo

World Igbo Congress:
This is the annual jamboree held in the United States that should be discontinued with immediate effect.

The meeting is neither of the world and it is not a congress either. One of the highlights of this year’s event was the memorial service held in honor of Ojukwu and Chinua Achebe. 

It is up to everyone to honor the dead in whatever fashion they so deemed necessary.

Achebe was an icon. The best way to honor him would be to doggedly continue the fight for a better Nigeria. I hope that an institution of excellence will be built and named after Achebe for he is so deserving of it. This should have been done while he is still alive. As for Ojukwu, he loved his people and he fought for them. He was a unique and determined individual who believed in raising the standard of life for all Igbos and Nigerians in general.
PDP Crisis
Under Obasanjo, people were being turned away from the PDP. He opened a register for all Governors to sign in and out of the country. If you refuse to sign out you may be impeached and arrested for corruption upon returning to Nigeria. Only Tinubu and Orji Kalu dared the man openly and they did that with great caution. His best weapon was the EFCC and Nuhu Ribadu. His word was the law.

Has anyone noticed that Senate Presidents and Speakers lasted an average of 6 months under Obasanjo.

It was so bad every local government in Eastern Nigeria almost had their turn. Enwerem, Anyim, Okadigbo, Nnamani and Wabara were all Senate Presidents at some point in time.

Jonathan on the other hand does not understand history. He actually does not understand how he became President. Ordinary Governors are wagging their fingers in his face. It is almost too late to use the EFCC to calm them down. He too must have a big and fancy skeleton in his cupboard. He may not even know how to rig elections even with Anthony Anenih on his side and this very sad. At the rate he is going, he may lose the election in his home state of Bayelsa.

I am surprised that Rotimi Amaechi is still standing and waxing very strong. Obasanjo would have found the secrets of the Assembly members and haul them to Abuja, read them the riot acts and have them impeach Amaechi immediately. A sitting known corrupt federal judge will be readied to provide legal cover upon appeal.

The political gladiators are positioning and re positioning themselves for share of the national cake. In the meantime the masses are suffering and infrastructures decaying at levels never seen before. Crude oil prices are selling at record levels and it is hard for this government to pay workers salary.

2015 elections
I predict that nothing will happen and with zero percent reporting from the polls, I am predicting Jonathan to carry the day. He has an unfinished business and the transformation agenda needs to be completed. Those who are predicting anarchy and chaos are the very poor students of history among us. There will be a few skirmishes here and there but at the end of the day, all will be well. We have seen this movie before?

In closing, I want to summarize by saying that biggest political party in Africa and by the grace of God the world should put their house in order immediately. Jonathan should quit drinking and take actions to reverse the current trend. Instead of Obasanjo, he should have invited Gbenga Daniel to Asi Rock to counter Obasanjo’s undue and over bearing influence. At this point, all known and sworn criminal enemies of Obasanjo should be provided with oil blocks.

The EFCC should be returned immediately to the Nihu Ribadu days. Like joke like joke, Nuhu Ribadu should be picked up and charged for corruption.

While the government is doing its “very best” to do the business of the people, Obasanjo should be invited to Abuja to chat with the EFCC. How can this government not see anywhere both Ribadu or Obasanjo misappropriated five thousand dollars or less?    

Only PDP can save Nigeria. We need them in power. The appearance of any other fake, tested and reliable options out there only helps promote and elongates the rot in the society.

The biggest threat to Nigeria will be in about 15 years when crude oil sales will be reduced to less than half of the current volumes at less less than $40 per barrel.

I hereby rest my case, agai


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