Ribadu and Tsav: The Clerics That Want a Witch Doctor’s Prayers!

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

By Adamu Yaro

Having read both Nuhu Ribadu and Abubakar Tsav’s responses to the statement by Presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati, it has become obvious to me that an attempt is being made to muddy the waters in the debate in order that the truth becomes hard to unravel. As such, I would attempt to peel the layers of the onion and get to the bottom thus exposing the real issues from the diversions.

Both Ribadu and Tsav said that Abati failed to address issues. Is this true? In actual fact it was both Abubakar Tsav and Nuhu Ribadu that failed to address issues. With a wave of a hand, both Nuhu Ribadu and Tsav (both former policemen, so the public can see that esprit de corp and not principles is behind their defense) brushed away the issues raised by Reuben Abati.

For the avoidance of doubt, let me again raise those issues;

a. Did Nuhu Ribadu ever publicly indict former governor Bola Tinubu? And

b. Did Nuhu Ribadu turn around to accept to be the political son to Bola Tinubu?

Those are the issues. The two former policemen should address these issues and the case of lying against Abati would be established if the answer to these two posers is no. But if the answer is yes then the case against Malam Nuhu Ribadu is established.

What principles would the head of the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) have if after publicly declaring that a man is a crook and criminal he turns around to accept to be sponsored by that same man? Such a fellow would not be able to boast of any principles and would lose all esteem he previously had.

What Ribadu did is tantamount to a Muslim cleric going to a witch doctor for prayers! God forbid that that should happen. But if that should happen can that cleric again lay claims to piety?

In this case, Bola Tinubu is the witch doctor and Ribagu and Tsav who is now defending him are the clerics. One was a once acclaimed anti corruption crusader while the other was a noted crime fighter as Lagos State police commissioner. But today, both of them now scurry to defend corruption and crime as once defined by them. What an irony!

And to those who are bringing up what Reuben Abati wrote in 2009 concerning Ribadu, what they have to recall is that that piece was written well before late 2010 when Ribadu and Tinubu started their unholy romance and that it is that unholy marriage that has tainted Ribadu and stripped him off the gloss of credibility he once had. And this was his own making. He chose a chance at power over the maintenance of his credibility.
And as anyone will tell you, you cannot sleep with a prostitute at night and deny her in the day time. The Abati piece was true in 2009 until Ribadu came under the influence of Tinubu in 2010. Except the argument is that Abati should have had prophetic insight to know the future it is totally pointless to bring up that 2009 piece.

Then there is the issue about whether or not Nigeria is sinking. If Nigeria was not sinking at the time when the country was too hot for Nuhu Ribadu to the extent that he had to run away for his life, is it now that the conditions in the country are conducive enough for him to return and even contest for the presidency that the country is sinking?

If the country was not sinking before the 2010 ascension of president Jonathan to power when our oil production had fallen to just seven hundred thousand barrels per barrel, is it now that oil production has risen to over 2 million barrels per day that it is sinking?

If Ribadu is referring to the security situation in the country, why has he chosen to go on the offensive now that the State of Emergency declared on Boko Haram states has become very successful and the insecurity situation is being reversed? Does Ribadu know something that we don’t?

The same Ribadu who was quiet when the enemies of Nigeria said they would make Nigeria “ungovernable” for President Jonathan should not now speak up when those sponsors of terror are fulfilling their threat except he wants the nation to believe that he was tacit in the threats made by Lawal Kaita et al in which case it would all make sense!


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