Saint Amaechi, Please Pray For Us

Posted: May 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

By Saatah Nubari

Can saint Amaechi say he has not seized the allocations of local government councils before? Amaechi is enjoying making people believe that he is been persecuted by the presidency, hence making people think the president is a dictator.

Today as we celebrate our beloved Rotimi Amaechi attaining “sainthood” lets pause and take a look at his journey towards “sainthood” in Nigerian politics.

Amaechi a protégé of former governor of Rivers State, Sir Dr. Peter Odili was speaker of the state house of assembly from 1999 to 2007 and as such was the anointed successor of Peter Odili. Things seemed to be going accordingly until former president Olusegun obasanjo said Amaechi ‘s emergence as governorship flag bearer of the PDP had “k-leg”  and so as not to take it out of the family, his cousin  Celestine Omehia was selected as the person to fly PDP’s flag.

Omehia won the elction and was sworn into office meanwhile Amaechi had other plans. Amaechi took his cousin Omehia to court, saying he was the legitimate governor of River state, that he won the election even when his name was not on the ballot box. To cut the story short, Amaechi won in what is arguably the most absurd court ruling in the nation’s history. After winning his governorship seat in court, he said it was the “will of God”.

A faction of the PDP in River State led by Felix Obuah took another faction led by Godspower Ake backed by Rotimi Amaechi to court. This time around, Amaechi and his people lost and so Felix Obuah was declared winner even when they said he didn’t buy the form to contest. Felix Obuah said his victory was the “will of God”. Amaechi, as if was suffering from memory loss or rather didn’t believe in the will of God in anybody’s life except his own. He released a statement saying “the temple of justice has been desecrated”. So the court must always favour Amaechi? Well let’s continue.

When Celestine Omehia was governor of Rivers State, the PDP conducted primaries for the local government elections in the state and candidates were chosen. Saint Amaechi immediately after he was made governor by the court decided to cancel the PDP primaries and conduct his own. This is Amaechi, a democrat, somebody who believes in the rule of law? The fact that he did not refund the money the former aspirants used to purchase the forms even makes his “sainthood” the “will of God”.

The PDP National Working Committee suspended Amaechi from the party recently for reasons best known to them. Amaechi as usual always has something to say, this time he said it’s a “witch hunt”. Saint Amaechi forgot that immediately after assuming office as governor, his first developmental project was to demolish people’s houses-and guess whose house he started with, yes his cousin and the person he won in court Celestine Omehia. Did Omehia call it a “witch hunt”, I can’t remember. Saint Amaechi forgot that their safety was no longer assured hence the likes of Austin Opara former Deputy Speaker House of Representatives, Dr. Peter Odili former Governor of the state and Celestine Omehia relocated to Abuja. So this is not a “witch hunt”? Saint Amaechi has forgotten that he sent the police to arrest 12 PDP stalwarts who were sympathetic to the “Abuja politicians” claiming they were cultists, imagine the humiliation of 12 grown men with wives and children. The 12 men didn’t call it a “witch hunt”; instead Amaechi was having a field day. Since nobody made him governor, why answer to anybody? So now his suspension from the party is now a “witch hunt”? This is coming from the one of the best “witch hunters” in the country.

Can saint Amaechi say he has not seized the allocations of local government councils before? Amaechi is enjoying making people believe that he is been persecuted by the presidency, hence making people think the president is a dictator. Saint Amaechi has forgotten that he ones slapped a police officer and has also threatened the Ogoni people concerning the building of a military barrack on their land. Amaechi’s dictatorial actions are done in the open but since the people don’t have access to the press, he thinks he can fool the rest of the world; well he has succeeded in fooling a naïve few.


A friend of mine said he doesn’t understand how 35 grown men can’t conduct an election amongst themselves. It’s really appalling taking into consideration that the 2015 general election is not far away, and these people will literally be in charge of the elections.

Amaechi was declared winner of the election with 19 votes to Jonah Jang’s 16 which totals 35 votes cast. What baffles me is that Jonah Jang said the election was rigged (which I support). He (Jonah Jang) calls for an emergency meeting for the faction he is chairing and 18 governors are in attendance. The 18 governors all claim to have voted for him. If Jang had 18 votes, where did Amaechi’s 19 votes come from? Now we are getting to know governors who refused to do homework in primary school. It simple, if Jang got 18 votes out of a possible 35, that means Amaechi is supposed to have 17 votes.


The APC has continued to amuse Nigerians with every press release. It makes me wonder if the spokesperson, Lai Mohammed just got himself a new system or if he just learnt how to use the Microsoft Word application on his system, seriously I don’t see any reason why he will be typing press statements every two days. The opposition seems like a confused lot who don’t know what they stand for. Known for criticizing the PDP, but 80 percent of them are ex PDP members. If you ask me, I won’t mince words when I say that the APC is just a branch of the PDP.

The APC released a statement concerning the suspension of Amaechi and you have to imagine when PDP’s internal issue will now be an issue for the APC. Well Lai Mohammed should get a DVD of Power Puff Girls and watch because that will be the closest he will get to seeing  “power” and it will also help his boredom.

Let all this not take the shine off our celebration of Rotimi Amaechi’s “sainthood”. So before I leave you to think properly before picking side, close your eyes let’s say a little prayer; Saint Amaechi please pray for us.

  1. Ewajane Osowo says:

    What do u want us to do with this ? If I may understand u well, you one of those chairmen anointed by the celestine led government, no wonder , if refunding your money is the problem you should approach your party leadership that conduct illegal elections for you and not Amaechi.
    If Amaechi has been doing bad, why not wait for him to be wrong before apprehending him.
    About your 18 loyalist to Jang Jona ,election is not determined by loyalist, it is determined by how many people want in that particular place.
    Are u not aware of Dale momodu that went to the poLling boot with wife and child and yet had 2 votes, if I may asked who didn’t vote for him? WIFE or CHILD

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