Drawing The Curtain On Nigeria…

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

By Prince Charles Dickson

No matter how stout, long and turgid a penis. It’s erection can not intimidate a vagina. In short, the rise and fall of a penis was masterminded by a vagina. Local axiom

In the last few weeks, I have personally looked at the nation called Nigeria, I have carefully x-rayed thoughts, opinions, listened carefully to comments, and with deep analytical mind I share the following admonition.

A group in the US called something-onething said based on hypothesis xyz, the nation’s terminal date is 2015, we have been sick even before the report, we are still sick but are we ready for war, disintegration, divide–my answer comes from an unusual source with the following caveats I have added.

Chief Edwin Clark in an open letter to the Speaker of House of Representatives, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal stated “I repeat, there will be no crises, if President Jonathan  is defeated at the presidential election in 2015, but he has a right to contest the election if he so wishes.”

The curtain will fall when intelligent Nigerians and sane minds stop to bother about a certain Alhaji Dokubo-Asari or a docile Northern Elders Forum that have taken turns to make threats…on innocent Nigerians.

We remain a country fighting development and violent extremism in the face of under-development, marginalization and weak governance which has created a breeding ground for militancy, cultism and all sorts of deviant behavior at a very high rate but the curtain will not fall because we importantly need to find a synergy in our democracy that caters for development and our diversity and I irrevocably believe we are capable. 

Never like before there is a combination of bad governance, poverty, insecurity, poor political and resource governance, a growing disgruntled segmentation of society, exclusion, entrenched corruption, abusive security forces, strife between the disaffected sections of the nation, widening regional economic disparity,  unemployment and socioeconomic deprivation, several external factors and add weak public institutions and people’s and governments’ loyalty to tribe and clan rather than the nation state and you think the curtain will definitely fall–No it won’t fall.

The curtain will not fall, if you count the number of security personal killed in one week and leave it at a conservative 100, break that down to the number of widows, orphans, parents and relatives that are grieving. You will appreciate with pain that this nation is one that after surviving a civil war has a structure almost unknown in contemporary times.

The curtain has not fallen with almost 40million young persons not sure of tomorrow, yet the economy is growing, champagne drinking is on the rise, almost 2million write an exam that only a quarter have assurances of further education and half that figure fail.

The Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission (ICPC) has stated that it discovered 67 universities illegally operating in the nation and we have over a 100 legal ones and the curtain has not fallen.

EFCC said Timpre Slyva former Bayelsa governor was caught in a dingy part of his mansion–The curtain will only fall come 2015 if stealing governors, politicians and leaders are moved to bedimmed, broken-down, colorless, dark, darkish, dilapidated, dim, dirty,discolored, drab, dreary, dull, dusky, faded, gloomy, grimy, muddy, murky, obscure, run-down, seedy, shabby, smirched, somber, sullied, tarnished, threadbare, tired–DINGY jails away from the dingy comfort of their homes.

I implore my readers, look at your kids, your siblings and ask apart from the rituals of ramadam and lent…can they go hungry for three days, trek kilometers when the ‘there will be no Nigeria’ starts. When we are prepared for this maybe the curtain will fall…

How will Nigeria disintegrate, a nation where $15M cash was received by officers of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) from an undisclosed agent of a former governor in 2007.

The money was meant as bribe to compromise an investigation by the then Mallam Nuhu Ribadu-led anti-graft agency.

Enter Olalekan Bayode, an artisan, who repairs fridges, air conditioners and other things and lives in Alagbado, Lagos who prays a court to appoint him as the sole agent to be in custody of the money indefinitely for “proper management” following the dispute on the ownership of the fund by the federal and Delta State governments.

This kind of nation does not go to war, its’ people simply murmur, grumble, from time to time maim each, but somehow trudges on because it is ‘turn by turn’. IBB allegedly magnified looting, we hear of the alleged Abacha loot, Obasanjo allegedly got rich chasing corruption, Yardy by Nigerian standard alleged took just small, and under my friend Jona, OPC, and militants are getting contracts and even organizing press conference, and murderers forgiven without their consent because of institutional collapse.

Come 2015, it will be Jonathan, I declare it, or any other dude but trust me, I am no prophet–but nothing will go wrong. Maybe a riot here and killings there and the courts will be busy but Nigeria won’t collapse, no it won’t.

We need practical federalism, those idlers that make laws need to up the ante, politicians need to take a look at the electorates, the widening disconnect requires a filling. All these figures by NoI and Sanusi needs to have life. We need to put a blueprint to work.

The curtain is not near falling, until we are prepared, if a cult group, militia in a village can kill scores of police and security personnel, how many militia groups will a 160 million people nation produce with the police claiming there millions of small arms in circulation.

Are we are not citizens of a nation where recently out of the 5,000 police officers assessed for intelligence gathering, only 266 qualified.‬‬ This was according to the Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of Force Intelligence Bureau, Solomon Arase, who added “Not every police officer can be an intelligence officer. After we carried out assessment test on the officers on ground, we discovered that a lot of them have to go.”‬‬


If 4,700 had passed that exam. The curtains to the Nigerian project would have fallen. Meaning a near solid police, meaning nothing to share, meaning people will vote, people will win, some loose and nothing will happen other than progress. The vagina of an old woman is not threaten by a penis, is Nigeria ready for war–No! But are we ready for peace only time will tell.


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