Don’t Change This Nigeria

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

By Prince Charles Dickson

“I am not upset, I am not upset!” Yet a grown man swears angrily six times because of last night’s pounded yam.

Cassandra in Greek legend, I recall, was condemned to know the future but to be disbelieved when she foretold it. Hence the agony of foreknowledge combined with the impotence to do anything about it. So the pain that we know our problems but seem condemned to an existence of being incapable of solving them seems our curse.

Some persons have criticized me of repeating the same story over again, that may be true but certainly I have no apologies because the truth is that if we were what we ought to be then I probably would have resorted to doing something else. We refuse to listen, so I repeat the message, I change the tempo, I change the direction, I vary the stand but the message remains largely the same that we have a problem and we need to solve our problems but we seem impotent at solving it.

So what is wrong in the pardon granted ex-governor, and ex-fugitive Alams, absolutely nothing–especially if ‘our ogas at the top’ believe he has showed remorse. Academically we may sound intelligent but really whether USA, Transparency International and co. It is just, what it is-NOISE! The US of A have pardoned worse persons.

So with plenty solutions flying everywhere one cannot but wonder what is the problem, and what then is the solution…I dare say the solution is, there is no problem.

How can a Nigeria where Nigerians don’t task their leaders, one in which we don’t request accountability from our leaders be changed? It is now a taboo for Federal Permanent Secretary to retire with just a house to his name, when Mainas and Yakubu steal billions and really nothing happens. Don’t change this Nigeria please.

If we change this Nigeria Chris and Andy Uba would be pastors, Ahmadu Ali a University lecturer teaching political morals, Senator Mantu Chairman of EFCC and Bode George media officer in ICPC?

A changed Nigeria would see portable water, good roads network, adequate supply network for food distribution, fantastic health delivery, and quality education at almost free.

However for a nation of knowing fools, to know is not to be wise, so we won’t change.

Many men in Nigerian leadership today know a great deal, and are we not all the greater fools for it? There is no fool so great a fool as a knowing fool. Because too know how to use knowledge is to have wisdom and this is what our leadership lacks, and citizenry are no better in this regard. So we won’t change much.

Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit but we have no limits, every single hour we endure a life that is best described as foolish, no fuel, we keep quiet, no food and we keep a deceitful smile, our silence cannot be understood and there is a misunderstanding about the words we utter, we remain at war with ourselves.

So we ask for change but really don’t want change by our actions. We are not upset, yet we swear angrily several times because of last night’s pounded yam.

Like you cannot stop the sea from returning to the shore. How do you change when ‘Court’ frees Elumelu, frees Akingbola! Freed Lucky. Court frees all publicly accused big thieves in Nigeria. When they are not freed, they get a slap on the wrist; aided by weak penal and criminal codes or ala Bode George, Cecilia Ibru, both whom have seamlessly moved back into the system.

Ask Alao Akala, ask Gbenga Daniel, ask the ‘Lonely Londoners’ Dariye and Alams, ask that former mobile police IG that had a big tummy and jeep farm with plenty 4×4 luxury cars littered everywhere.

How about that old fella that was briefly governor in Plateau? Ask Boni Haruna of Adamawa and the state house of assembly that sat in Lagos? Yes, ask Danjume Goje, now a Senator, like Abdullahi Adamu, or Sani Yerime who ‘stole’ directly, ask the reverend Jolly Nyame of Taraba and a few of them now honorable and distinguished by Nigerian standard.

Ask the pension woman that makes almost half a million dollars selling pure water.

They don’t want Nigeria to change and neither have you or myself shown enough reason to demand change.

Do we want to change a Nigeria that gave us the movie ‘White Bank-Ole’…, today, the youngman with fetish love for white clothing is enjoying life like never before.

Who wants to change a nation, where you steal as much as you can; get some dramatic arrests; routinely attend court sessions; and then go home with a clean judgment of no-offence or no case.

Have we forgotten the ex-governor in one of those states with plenty professors and yet he spent the entire state funds on a poultry without birds and nothing has changed, infact I gathered he’s planning a return.

Apart from alleged stealing, how about questionable academic certification by these men and off course women, they all go scot free.

I have left out all the stealing in Ministries, parastatals, agencies, at federal, state and local level, the list is endless. Yet we have EFCC, ICPC, and the various small 419 departments with duplicate functions in the Police.

If one can ‘legitimately’ get away with stealing millions and billions and be celebrated, be given a chieftaincy title and several ‘thieftaincy’ rewards and awards of honorary degrees in any field of my choice and if I fall out with the powers that be, I have enough to get the best lawyers and injunctions when I am chased, then please don’t change this Nigeria.

The camera lights of news stations and front pages of newspapers and early morning radio news will be full of me…

Today the bitter truth is that corruption beget corruption, and we are breeding it. This Nigeria is benefiting a few, and many don’t want it changed, whether it stands or not is not about how much we swear, but real desire matched with action for change, but do we? Only time will tell.


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