The True Face Of Boko Haram Uncovered

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Abubakar Garba Muri

The first precautionary principle that could justify military intervention is ‘right intention’ which requires that the primary purpose of any intervention must be to halt or avert human suffering. This is regardless of all other motives an intervening state may have. The second principle is the ‘last resort’, which demands that all non-military options for the prevention or peaceful resolution of crisis be exhausted before military intervention. Crisis response could thus be defined as any course of action designed to manage (by controlling and regulating) a crisis and provide solutions favourable to the actors in order to avoid its disruptive effects. As a result of the unpredictable and violent nature of crises, time is of the essence in any action taken to manage a crisis. However whether the response involves diplomatic or military effort, the sooner the action is taken, the more effective it is likely to be.


For a country that had been ranked as the 14th most failing nation in the world, these are serious signals that should be taken seriously because they suggest that all is not well with Nigeria because the priority attention of any government should be the security of lives and properties of it people. The series of bombings that have taken place in Nigeria portend great danger for this country. Yes there is a wave of terrorism all over the world, but serious countries have shown serious efforts to combat the trend. But in our own case, in our own country, there is yet to be any serious attempt by the government and the security agencies to contain or to go after those who are perpetrating this evil. We cannot just fold our arms and think that these things will just go away. But we have not seen that in process, just like we are not seeing any serious direction in governance. We are not seeing any serious effort to address the security challenges afflicting this country. The state of insecurity being experienced now in the region is a consequence of injustice, corruption, poor standard of living, unemployment, deceptive preaching by half-baked scholars, the quest for leadership and illiteracy. And now, people cannot sleep with their two eyes closed, people cannot walk on -the streets and feel safe; People live in fear and trepidation.


Mohandas Gandhi said in one of his article I quote ’’I object violence because, when it appears to do good is temporary the evil it does is Permanent’’ Unquote. The group behind the recent violence in northern Nigeria is known by several names, including Jama, atul Ahlis Sunnah Lidda’awati Wal jihad also known as Boko Haram, the group was founded in 2002 in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, allegedly by Mohammed Yusuf, a religious teacher. In 2004, it moved to Kanamma in Yobe state, close to Nigerian-Niger border, where it set up a base dubbed “Afghanistan” self-style Taliban. The group, which consist of members who come from neighbouring Chad, is said not only to oppose Western education, but Western culture as well.
How did all these started? How did Nigeria as a country found itself in this imbroglio? It is a well known fact that there exist a wide gap between the southern and northern Nigeria educationally, due to the fact that European missionary’s first set foot on the southern shores and remained there for almost a century before coming to northern Nigeria. Immediately after independence, northern Nigeria as a region became a front banner on national discuss because of its population and literacy level. Against all odds the indigenes of northern Nigeria began to close the gap, where our population and diversity played a very vital role. The region started making giant stride in terms of educational development and these fast developments did not go down well with her southern neighbours who felt threatened, since then those who felt threatened tried in every way possible to sabotage the north, first by eliminating it first generation leaders, who’s gave education first priority in their development policy.
For example John N Paden in his book values and leadership published 1986 by hudahuda publishing Company Zaria Nigeria, said I Quote ’’educational development was the backbone of Sir Ahmadu Bello the Sardauna of Sokoto and the premier of northern Nigeria, throughout the 50’s and 60’s. The implementation of the policy provided massive educational support in the north which has far reaching consequences. The policy of educating the north infuriated the southerners, and that is why even today the southerners are not favourable to Sardauna. The northernernization policy adopted by Sardauna for sole purpose of educating the north was the major point of differences between the northerners and southerners. Prior to the adoption of the policy, southerners dominated the Nigerian civil services and all other discipline (economically and political). Sardauna had a very strong feeling about emancipating the northerners from the clutches of southern domination.
Yet Sardauna was a nationalist, his main preoccupation was to catch up with the south in every discipline and to keep Nigeria as one, his northern educational policy was intended to unite Nigeria not to divide it. To uplift the north it was the only guarantee for unity, but no southerner saw it at that time’’ unquote. Our southern neighbours felt that they were in better position to rule Nigeria due to their perceived’ educational superiority and specialization to control Nigeria and reshape it as they see fit. For this reason Sardauna was murdered. And now they brought Boko Haram to completely destroy the remaining legacy of Sardauna using politically motivated religious violence to accomplish what they could not realise with the 15 January 1966 massacre.
Mark Twain wrote in one of his article I quote ’’of all the animal Man is the only animal that is cruel, not only that he inflicts pains; he is the only animal that inflicts pains for the pleasure for doing it’’. Divide and rule is one of the oldest means of mass control–standard practice since at least the Roman Empire. The tools and systems of social control are vast and evasive; they penetrate the very psychology and biology of the individual, the covert guiding of various social movements has proven to be one of the most effective means of programming factions and stirring them against one another. Fundamentalist religious movements have been particularly useful. The collective energy and dedication of “true believers” makes them a potent political weapon that movement leaders can readily aim where needed, this readily bring in mind the question of Boko haram Until recently, this group was never known as “Boko Haram (Western education is a sin),” but it is known to be against Western education and forbids one working in any government establishment. The name Boko Haram, may have been given to it by members of the public, because of the group’s opposition to Western education.
The question you and I have to ask is how did we get this man Mohammed Yusuf. Where did he came from? Was he along or played some people’s scribe? If yes then who was he working for? What is the mission? The northern Nigeria have more mundane issue to be tackled than Boko Haram (western education is a sin) in this 21 first century. Why bringing this doctrine at this particular time, when the whole world knew the northerners are lacking behind educationally. A lot of leaders from the region are calling for more enrolment in to schools and standardization of the educational sector. Any true believer with sound Islamic knowledge, who preaches with the good intention of educating the Muslims north for sole purpose of advancing Islamic knowledge, knew very well what the north need now than ever is massive literacy campaign and reorientation to embrace western education.


Although In the past, there were certain Islamic scholars, who obviously out of ignorance, believe that any Muslim who attends the conventional schools, other than Islamic schools would not enter Paradise. This is completely out of the Islamic teachings Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said Muslims should go as far as China to seek for knowledge. Most of our youth nowadays are not serious. They have been indoctrinated into the cult of corruption, lack of foresight, hopelessness, indiscipline, and religious bigotry not interested in acquiring good education, often looking for short corners to success, and have become largely uneducated. The majority of people in the northern part of the country are poor, uneducated and have inherent hatred for the government due to broken down of structural condition and it failures, from this group formed the bulk number of the sect. The orchestrators of this scheme knew quite well, that Mohammed Yusuf will do pretty well on this assignment considering what they knew of his antecedents. The late Yusuf’s father began the ideology in the 60’s; Mohammed Yusuf actually inherited the idea of condemning western education from his father who started it while he was living in Gashuwa before migrating to Ngazaragamo which is an emirate in Gaidam local government area. The late farther of Mohammed Yusuf continued preaching his extremist ideology unhindered before he died. Mohammed Yusuf who also grew up harbouring serious hatred for western education, and any Muslim who sought the knowledge. The self-style leader of Boko haram was recruited for a specific clandestine job, while on the mission, he manage to established himself as the sect leader, he rose to prominence through misguided teaching of Islamic doctrine, in order to cause disharmony between Muslims due to the fact that he does not have the required prerequisite. However Investigations had reviled that he is a hypocrite, among Muslims. The man who was trained, very well position to carry out a well planed scheme.
If a southerner or none Muslim for example, come out to say Boko is haram, (Western education is a sin) people will immediately know the sinister motive behind it, but where the person was of northern stuck who claimed to profess to Islam, who spoke the same language, who lived among them wore the same clothes, an Islamic teacher who could read and interpret the Holy Quran and hadith, It easy to mislead uneducated Muslims who have little or no genuine knowledge of Islam, by using subversive ways to achieve his extremist vision, which have no connection with Islam, but mainly political. Such a person will not be easily identified, his intention will remain hidden and he will continue with his activities unabated, Propagating extremism through religion as a cover up for the purpose of destabilising the north. The process of destabilisation started with the aim of destroying the geopolitical zones which are the fabric that hold the north together. These key states are Plateau HQ of north central, Borno HQ of northeast, Kano HQ of North West, if they succeed by destroying these key states the whole of north will grind to halt. They had succeeded partially in Plateau and Borno, only Kano proved to be difficult due to the fact that the orchestrators of the scheme did not have the cooperation of the indigenes and the support required to carry out their plan. The few attacks, succeeded in Kano were done by foreigners or none indigenes of the state which the indigenes rally around to fetch them out each time they attack.
Mohammed Yusuf as a leader of Boko Haram was always a guest of the security operatives in Abuja, and as at the last count, before his brutal murder, allegedly by the police, it is a well known fact that his release was facilitated by a frontline Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) chieftain and a former presidential aspirant from one of North Central states in Nigeria, why and what is the connection if one may ask? Your guess will be as good as mine, for destabilising the north through politically motivated religious violence. After having achieved the most desires goals, which was getting enough adherent for Mohammed Yusuf to use as foot soldiers for their plan. The PDP led government decided to murder the leader of the group to create chaos and that was the beginning of the upheaval. List we forget, the immediate trigger that set Boko Haram on the path of condemnable violence and retaliation was their perceived persecution which culminated in the extra-judicial murders, some few years ago, of its leaders and members in general, crimes that have not been punished up till today because of government complicity. From their position of power, as the financiers of PDP led governments, the PDP elite have over time perfected their methods of control. Staying always behind the scenes, they pull the strings controlling the media, the political parties, the armed forces, the intelligent agencies, and the offices of government.
A Public commentator Mr. Tondu Aonduna in one of his article lamented on this issue of Boko Haram, where he said, I quote’’Consciously or unconsciously, Jonathan and the cast of fellow irredentists and provincialists around him do view Nigerian politics in Manichean terms of “good versus evil” whereby much of the Muslim North is perceived as enemy territory fundamentally opposed to Mr. President and his “hard-earned “authority for this reason they must pay. Here is a man who is paranoid, as hypocritical and as vindictive as his mentor and godfather, to the extent that since he came to office after the last presidential elections, he is still fixated on imaginary enemies who must be lurking in every nook and cranny in the North, taken to associating every violent crime in Nigeria with a plot by his political enemies, meaning northerners, to discredit his regime by making Nigeria ungovernable! It is bewildering that despite the bombs that MEND has so far exploded ( from the Niger-Delta to Lagos and Abuja ) and the carnage left in the wake of their signature acts of anarchist defiance, Jonathan persists in vainly trying to absolve the self-styled militant group. With Boko Haram, he is at his primordial and revanchist best. The president has effectively refused serious dialogue as an option to handle the Boko Haram imbroglio. It is now apparent that many vested interests, both local and foreign, are benefitting tremendously (financially, through huge so-called security votes and extortion by the corrupt security agencies; for America and other foreign entities, by way of supplying military hardware’s, mercenary and spying presence here.) from the tenuous security situation in the North to a point where they are not likely to want any meaningful dialogue any time soon. Jonathan and his regime have invariably declared their intention to place, first, the North, and secondly, the rest of Nigeria, under the stranglehold of a reactionary PDP-led mafia’’ unquote. These kleptocratic bureaucrat and unconscionably thieving politicians, who treats their headache in European hospitals, educate their children in American schools, their drinking water is bottled; their power supply from generators provided and maintained and fuelled at public expense; and their traffic jam is cleared for them by the blare of sirens. They are in every way and in every sense totally divorced from the harsh realities of life and the many excruciating problems in present-day Nigeria.
Michel Chossudovsky, in his book The Globalization of Poverty – Impacts of IMF and World Bank Reforms, published by Third world network Penang London in 1997 commented that, I quote’’ In the 1800s, genocide was employed to clear North America and Australia of their native populations, creating room for growth. Today, a similar program of genocide has apparently been unleashed against sub-Saharan Africa. The IMF destroys the economies; the CIA trains terrorist as militias and stirs up tribal, religious, and all kind of conflicts and the West sells weapons to all sides. Famine and genocidal civil wars are the predictable and inevitable result’’. Unquote the people most adversely affected by the murderous Boko Haram insurgency seem united in their pursuit of peaceful means as a preferred way to help get out of the security impasse whose genesis is traceable, The utter disregard by Jonathan and his regime for the superior interests of the nation is typical of an unrepresentative tyranny whose legitimacy is questionable, with awesome powers of blackmail and coercion through security agencies. Several lawyers and Public commentators, have kicked against the terrorism prevention act signed into law by the president on the 3rd of June 2011. Moreover, there is consensus in much of the North against the army presence in Borno and neighbouring states precisely because of the gross human rights abuses being committed against innocent citizens by soldiers deployed there. These abuses include, amongst others, extra-judicial killings, rapes, stealing, looting, arson torture and wilful and unwarranted vandalising of people’s property. Their complacent friends in the media are always ready to tell Nigerians all these atrocities are always regarded as collateral damage, and still Jonathan believe that Nigerians in the affected areas will roll out the red carpet and embrace the military. It is the fact of life that soldiers are drawn from the civil-society and shall on discharge or retirement go back to the civil society, the Nigerian military, which has manpower of about 250,000 (Source the military balance London) is about 1% of Nigerian’s population what message does this convey in the realm of governance for example, an infinitesimal number cannot hold the vast majority (99%) to ransom, because if there is war between the military sector and civil society the military cannot win even with the weapons they monopolise. Crucially, Boko Haram-inspired terror must never be used as a convenient excuse for America’s imperialist designs here. Neither should it be employed as a facile but pernicious pretext for the woeful failures of Jonathan and his bungling and scandal-plagued regime.
Mohammed Yusuf the self-style leader of Boko Haram was just a puppet in a grand master plan using Boko Haram as well orchestrated stepping stone. However what was little known from outside the violence bloodshed and the destabilisation of the north, was engineered, finance, control, and manipulated by elite group. A group which created an illusion that, Boko Haram want an Islamic state in northern Nigeria first and later to islamise the whole of Nigeria, to eradicate western education and it cultures. However in reality it was mainly a cover-up, it remain a phony to many. The orchestrators of this well planed scheme are no means strangers to upsetting event to curse destabilisation in this country in fact they have done so since our amalgamation. Due to their vast wealth and infiltration of key position in government, they control about 80 percent of our media, both prints and electronics. For these reason, they managed to control everything you read, everything you hear and everything you see. They used it to their advantage when ever a matter of national discuss, come to the table, always sway public opinion to their side. They have managed to indoctrinate entire populous to their way of thinking and they have infiltrated key position in place of authority and they do all these from the shadows. Their ultimate goal is total destabilisation of northern Nigeria and disintegration of Nigeria, and they will stop at nothing to reach their goal. Now that the boko haram is unmasked what is next? As my brother princes Charles, said only time will tell. The northern progressive leaders must rise to the occasion to called Jonathan and his PDP led government to order, and this is the time.

Abubakar Garba Muri, wrote from HQ United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL)



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