Honda To Launch Its New Jet Line, Targets Nigeria

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Uncategorized


Honda will start production of Honda Jet in NC next year. The company plan to open an office in Lagos to cater for the Governors, Pastors, the President and his friends, Ex-militant leaders, Oil Subsidy Fraudsters and lately some high court Judges.

Honda market studies indicates that GEJ will order
3 more jets next years to raise his collection to 10.

Mummy Patience, Ngosi and Diezani have requested for new jets to travel all over Nigeria because the roads are bad. The 3 giants are the jewel in GEJ’s eye and they must get whatever they want.

Our Prosperity and glorious Pastors will be blessed by Abuja politicians and miracle seekers next year. God told Honda that 2013 will be year when many pastors will be blessed by miracle seeking congregation with messed up minds.

There will be competition among the Jet crazy GO’s next year to own the latest jet in the world. In fact, every member of the most popular Pentecostal churches who want God to bless them 10 fold have been ordered to sow seeds for the new jet.

The jets will be presented to their famous Daddies on their birthdays.

Inside information indicates that the Ex-militant leaders, Niger Delta Governors, etc. may not be in the market for new jet until 2015 when the looting frenzy commence and amnesty maybe ending.

An internal memo in the company expect Nigerians to place close to 255 jets order before the end of this administration’s tenure.

Up Nigeria the Giant of Africa with the biggest party in Africa. C. Yinka

  1. samuel olusesan says:

    My pastor deserves a gift of a private jet o, but the congregation is not large, kind hearted believers should please assist us in making this a reality, afterall, its the in thing.

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