We Aren’t Yet Angry

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Segun Dada

When shall we be truly angry? When shall we rise in righteous anger against our oppressors? When will our “Stockholm Syndrome” be cured? When will the realization that we live in a failed country dawn upon us?

Questions… Questions that even the greatest of search engines don’t have answers to. Questions that even we the long suffering-citizens do not have answers to. But the pertinent question remains. WHEN SHALL WE TRULY BE ANGRY AT THE STATE OF THINGS IN OUR COUNTRY? When?

Even when every year’s budget is written as if the country is going to be rebuilt from ground up, we are not angry yet. No we are not!

Farouk Lawan and his bosom friend Femi Otedola are still walking in the land as free men and sharing their opinions on national issues. We are not angry! Not yet.

The judiciary has been sold to the highest bidder. The last hope for common man has been perpetually smashed to pieces. Judges are now yes-boys and serial apologists to those in government. We are not angry. Not yet.

Under Dieziani Madueke’s watch, 2.6trillion naira of our National wealth vanished into thin air while she still holds sway as the most powerful woman in our land. We are not angry. Not yet.

Our universities are in shambles. Every year, un-baked graduates are churned out into the streets while the children of the ruling class school abroad. We are not angry. Not yet.

Our hospitals are part-time mortuaries while they (those who rendered them dysfunctional) rush abroad for medical checkup at the slightest feel of body pain. We are not angry. Not yet.

Farouk Lawan’s subsidy scam report has been rubbished. Ribadu’s report is on its way to the dumpster as we read. We are okay with that.

N1.5billion was spent on computers for the presidency in 2012. Another N1.5billion will be spent on same in 2013. We are not angry. Why should we be?

A proposed N500billion will be spent on national development in 2013. Public officers will be paid N2.4trillion as salaries and allowances in the same year. We are not angry! Not yet.

The presidency’s dogs will spend N110million in 2013. The average Nigerian still lives on N300 a day. That’s how nations grow.

While floods displaced over 2million people and killed 350people this year alone, our president was globe-trotting. Yet we worry about Hurricane Sandy. We are not angry. Not yet.

While we ply our eyesores of roads, and fly in planes which are more or less flying caskets, our ruling class purchase state of the art planes and helicopters. We are not angry. Not yet.

While we murder, maim and hate on ourselves on grounds of ethnicity and religion, our leaders are united irrespective of the same differences in looting.

The decadence in the nation has eaten deep into our places of worship. We worship our pastors, bishops and imams while they use our hard-earned cash in purchasing state of the art cars and planes. We are not angry. Not yet.

While we famz Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane PDP, Hurricane PHCN, Hurricane Boko Haram, Hurricane MTN and all the other man-made disasters plague us daily. We are not angry! Not yet.

Our president has “vowed” to crush Boko Haram since forever. We live in fear and our security is never guaranteed. But no, we are not angry! Not yet.

We scream “Enough-is-Enough” but we have succeeded in breaking every wall we have been pushed to only to move back further! We are not angry. Not yet.

When shall we be truly angry? When will righteous anger engulf our souls? When will we understand that, contrary to what our pastors say, “all is not well in Nigeria?” When? When?? When???

When shall we rise from behind our smartphones, our laptops, our electronic devices from which we claim to be unhappy about the state of the nation? Until we rise and take action, we shall never be truly angry.

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God bless the federal republic of Nigeria.

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