Cinematic Nudity–Eroding Morality In Nigeria!

Posted: November 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Fatimah Bola Bakare-Dickson

I just entered in the bedroom, I have been hit by another musical movie, its one of those musical channels.

Loud music, little rhythm, plenty swear words, it reflect the times…

The times has brought breast augmentation and butts enlargement, the entertainment industry is seen as an avenue to showcase the success of cosmetics surgery as a means of making money.

Today, unfortunately, in most musical video you pick up on the shelf, nudity is on high sales. Women have refused to see the honour they possess, trading their body for fame and money.

Some women refuse to draw the demarcation line between, education and exposure.

If you are educated whether formal or informal, at least morality is taught. Exposure is predicated upon experience and maturity over the years if you create room for it. When you cross fertilize with other peoples culture and way of life, exposure germinates.

For the big screen, whatever impression you create in the mind of the viewers will remain as your slogan. Whether tattoo on your breast or butts, it does not portray morality in traditional African setting. Moreover you do this thing for those watching to notice. When a woman has a tattoo on her breast and she is an actress or a dancer, there is tendency for her to open it for people to see and notice.

I believe some will remember that our grandparents use to have tattoos on their bodies too.

I equally want you to note that they never wore a low waist jeans and spaghetti top shivering from cold, on motorcycle and their boobs making the rider go crazy.

Men find it difficult to go nude in front of the cameras but women over the years allowed themselves to be used as sex symbols in films or musical videos.

The worst men do, is to expose their shorts or boxers.

Furthermore male musical directors use money, drinks, cars and pool party to entice ladies in most musical videos.

Ask if such directors’ would subject his mother to such, it will generate fights but forgetting the fact that the mother was once a lady.

In most films, wherever there is a caressing or scene, the woman removes her dress first before the man; her nudity is paraded before the audience which makes the film unique or permit me to call it the “KOKO”.

Why is today’s woman different from women of yester-years? Can Education be the reason for nudity?

Different strokes for different folks. But when fathers refuse to live up to expectation due to economic hardship or the upbringing of the children is left to the woman alone, we shall continue to witness nudity on our streets and big screen.

In a traditional African setting, the woman is seen as a symbol of honour. The butt and breast is protected from all eyes but her husband.

Women! Save that boobs and butt today.



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