Even Mark knows!

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Vanguard Editorial

Senate President, Bonaventure Alechenu David Mark has pedigree in Nigeria’s political landscape. His critics are many and they are wont to treat any Mark position with the uttermost scepticism.

When he makes an important point, he is dismissed as just playing to the gallery.

Mark has been around enough that he is seen as part of the challenges Nigeria faces. His concerns about the economy are important, but they cannot replace the fact that the National Assembly over which he presides can do better than expressing worries about the state of Nigeria.

“Those who manage the national economy cannot afford to chase shadows while the economy is in the doldrums. What Nigerians expect, and deserve, is the introduction of fiscal and monetary policies that will create jobs, fix healthcare and infrastructure, and stimulate the economy,” Mark said.

According to him:
“Corruption, sloppiness and tardiness in preparations, mismanagement, degradation and lack of maintenance and vandalisation of national assets, absence of rigour and thoroughness in planning — these, and more, are the reasons for the rot.”

Where are these ills found more than in governments that dot the land, overwhelmingly under the control of the Peoples Democratic Party?

Nigerians have mostly given up on governments. In 13 years of civil rule, during which Mark has been in the Senate, until his presidency that is in its sixth year, the PDP dominates the executives and legislatures throughout Nigeria.

What is the PDP’s position on the welfare of Nigerians? Has Mark taken his worries to the PDP where he is a chieftain?

What will the Senate do to ensure Nigerians are freed from the shackles of oppressive government policies? Will it be enough for Mark to join complaining Nigerians, who have no alternative than to complain?

Mark’s suggestion that
“those disenchanted with the Nigerian condition should join the ongoing national discourse that will lead to the amendment of the Constitution,” is off the mark.

What sections of the Constitution, that benefit the people, did the Senate implement since 1999? Do their elected officials, including Mark, represent them?

The articulacy of the speech was not in doubt, but it is no alternative to action.

More from Mark: “If the campaign of terror is the thunder by which a tiny fraction seeks to drown the voice of the nation, or to curtail the basic freedoms and civil liberties that we all have worked so hard to entrench, that attempt will fail. The Senate will work to protect all liberties except one — the liberty to do away with other liberties.”

Nigerians wonder why they remain in dire straits if the likes of Mark are concerned about them. Speeches cannot address these concerns.



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