Faroukgate Scandal: Circuses And Puerile Defences–Public Interest Lawyers League, PILL

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

That Channels television placed the tapes of the FaroukGate scandal before the listening public is no longer news. What is news, however, is that the tapes give credence to the positions the Public Interest Lawyers League, PILL has consistently taken since the news of the bribe saga broke.

Three things, consistent with the positions of the Public Interest Lawyers League (PILL), proceed from these tapes. Firstly, that it establishes the background of the bribe-giving and bribe-taking saga. Secondly, that a criminal relationship existed between Farouk Lawan and Femi Otedola during and after the Ad hoc Committee on the Management of the Fuel Subsidy Scheme hearings. Thirdly, and more importantly, that it establishes the intent to compromise the outcome of the Ad hoc Committee.

Public Interest Lawyers League is consistent with its calls for the prosecution of Farouk Lawan and the arrest of Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Emeka Ihedioha, who is connected to the bribe saga. The audio tapes so far released by Channels Television are indicative of the fact that Farouk Lawan used his position as an elected public servant to compromise the legislative process. The intent to compromise is in breach of the Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Act, 2000.     
Once again, we call on the Nigerian Police to discharge its legal and statutory duty: hurl the bribe-giver and taker before our Court of Justice and spare Nigerians the pains of being treated to the circuses and puerile defences of lawyers who are earning their fees from the FaroukGate scandal.
Abdul Mahmud


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