Dana Air Mishap: Which Way Nigeria?

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Uncategorized


By Anthony Ebitimi Owei

The Nigerian nation has been plunged into National Mourning for three days and flags will be flown at half mast as declared by President Goodluck Jonathan in honour of those who lost their lives untimely in yesterday’s Dana Air crash in Lagos, Nigeria.

Nevertheless, “National Mourning” only ends after three days while families, friends, associates and well wishers will mourn forever and people already lost to the air mishap won’t come back to life. It will interest you to know that before yesterday, Nigerians have endured pain and sorrow daily through road accidents due to bad roads, kidnappings, armed robberies, bad healthcare systems, abuse of the rule of law, untold hardship and above all, the Boko Haram insurgency. We hope our leaders can fly their corruption at half mast as well in coming days and years.

Corruption and bad governance kills! We have witnessed that yet again. Stories have been unfolding as to the bad state of the aircraft and compromise as regards safe practices on the part of Dana Air.  Government agencies obviously failed in their duties of supervision and ensuring that the proper system of checks and balance prevail.

Greedy business people put money first before lives of fellow human beings since they know they won’t be held responsible. After bribing some authorities, it will be swept under the carpet as usual. Maybe if our President and other top government officials start flying commercial jets like the British Prime Minister, they will uphold the necessary safety and standards in the aviation industry.

This calls for a sober reflection as a nation. How prepared are we in times of disasters like this? How efficient is our emergency response services? When they eventually probe the crash, how are we sure the report won’t be doctored to cover up for some powerful or wealthy people? How are we sure those found negligent will be brought to book? How sure are we that henceforth proper regulation and safe practices will be put in place to avert further loss of innocent lives? Let us look beyond the President and cabinet. How efficient do you as a civil servant, public servant or employee/head of government-run agencies perform your duties? Our individual actions should speak volume. There should be a sense of national pride and love for humanity in our daily engagements.  

You and I or any of our loved ones could have been victims. Let’s remember as we pray for Nigeria, the repose of the innocent lives lost and fortitude for the families to bear the permanent loss, God will not come from Heaven to perform miracles. Please I will enjoin you to join well meaning Nigerians to cry out for good governance. Other nations of the world use their brains; we instead think we can fool God by using just our mouths. Jesus won’t even try flying a faulty plane.

According to a tweet from @omojuwa’s twitter account this morning (June 4, 20120) “The devil did not put a bad plane in the air to fly 153 or more souls. Men did. Government granted the licenses. Men over looked things”.

Our condolences to the bereaved. May God Almighty grant the dead safe rest. With heavy heart I say, which way Nigeria? Hope this won’t pass like any other event. Hope we learn and ACT and not just continue with our normal activities after some days. Time will tell.

God bless Nigeria.

Anthony Ebitimi Owei

@TeeWhyOwei on Twitter for more engagement


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